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    David Innes
    20 mars 2012 (22:29)

    I am racing a 1980 Van Diemen RF80 in the UK Classic Formula Ford Series and have been in contact with a number of my Fench racing compariaties who have encouraged me to attend a couple of races in France.

    Can you please confirm what I need to do to join races in your series in 2012.


    PS Sorry for the English!

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      Régis PREVOST
      20 mars 2012 (23:15)

      Dear Dave,

      To join the 2012 Historic Formula Ford Series, first you must register you on the Formula Ford Historic France website.
      ( On the home page go to “s’inscrire” button if it’s the first time you register or “renouvellement” if you were registered in 2011. After you can also enter any race of the 2012 season by clicking on “s’inscrire à une course” and on the races of your choice.
      And then transfer entry fees on our bank account.
      Warning : if you own a National Racing License, to be able to race in France or Belgium, you must have an authorization from your NSA.To get it you just have to apply to your NSA (MSA…) including dates and duration you need. This measure does not apply to drivers holding an International Racing License.

      Best Regards

      Régis PREVOST
      Formula Ford Historic France Operator

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